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You might have heard us speak about being “New Generation Builders” at RODA, but what does that really mean? Well for one, it means we’re passionate about improving the quality of the building industry in a way that benefits not only builders but anyone who engages their services.

One of the ways we’re seeing the quality of the building industry evolve of late is in the number of clients choosing to engage private building inspectors for their custom home or unit build.

What is a private building inspector?

A private building inspector is essentially a third-party contractor who is hired to come in and oversee a project to ensure it’s being completed to the highest possible quality. While it’s not necessary to engage a private building inspector, as an appointed building surveyor will visit your site at various stages to ensure everything is being completed to code, it can be beneficial to have another set of eyes oversee your project’s quality.

Here at RODA, we welcome anything that adds value and diligence to the building experience. We’re dedicated to working collaboratively with anyone who strives to improve the building process and shares our values as New Generation Builders.

Of course, as with any member of your building team, you need to think carefully when selecting a private building inspector. If you do decide to engage their services, there are a few things you should consider first.

Understand regulations and standards

Before working with a private building inspector, you should be aware of any local and national regulations that are in place. These will regulate the way buildings are constructed and will specify a minimum standard of quality.

If launching into a new build, we recommend you acquaint yourself with the Victorian Building Authority’s extensive Guide to Standards and Tolerances VIC. This document serves as a reference for builders and clients of the minimum technical standards required for a home, relevant areas of legislation and provides additional guidance on standards that are not covered by law.

For projects where a private building inspector has not been engaged, an appointed building surveyor will inspect at certain stages of a build to ensure legislation and regulations are being upheld. This is standard practice. A private building inspector will attend these routine inspections but will also visit site at various other stages of the build to inspect the quality of the work.

If you feel an additional set of eyes could help confirm the quality of your build, it may be beneficial to engage the services of a private building inspector.

Do your research

Not all private inspectors are a benefit to your build. While many have a keen eye and are capable of offering valuable advice or pointing out aspects of the build that may cause problems down the track, some private building inspectors can cause more harm than help.

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has received many complaints about private building inspectors causing delays, raising unreasonable complaints about the quality of work, trying to direct trades or giving inappropriate advice to clients.

It pays to do your research when looking for a high-quality building inspector. You’ll want to hire someone with experience and the correct qualifications, who has a stellar track record with both clients and builders. Look at their website, read their reviews and reach out to past clients to learn about their experiences and discover how the inspector approached the construction process.

Will your private inspector work with your builder?

A builder inspector comes with a cost and to make this employment useful they must be willing to work collaboratively and productively with your trusted chosen builder. Only then, will the construction phase of your home project be efficient and yield exceptional results.

To find out more about why clients are choosing to engage private building inspectors or to get started on the Design + Build of your custom home or unit development project, get in touch with the friendly team at RODA today!

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