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Design Talk

When it comes to making design decisions, particularly during the creation of your dream home, the intricacies can often feel overwhelming. Here at RODA, can help you navigate these this. Watch our Design Talk Series to learn about unique ways to elevate your living space as well as important considerations such as materials, trends and personal style.

Completed Projects

As New Generation Builders, we approach every project with vision and integrity. Our passion has seen us recognised as Melbourne’s custom home and multi-unit development specialist.

Our portfolio of completed projects showcases our commitment to building high-quality homes and demonstrates our complete Design + Build service, which includes architecture, interior design and trades.

Check out some of our completed projects in our latest videos.


We know that the building process can be overwhelming and stressful; that’s why we created #askRODA. In this animated video series, Director Dave chats through some of our frequently asked questions including:

Why pay for a quote?
What is Design + Build?
What’s the problem with building renovation TV shows?
What’s your square metre rate?

Watch our #askRODA series now!

Tips + Trends

Here at RODA we like to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the construction industry. This includes both building and design trends.

We maintain close relationships with many industry partners and suppliers, which ensures we are always up to date with what’s trending currently and what’s expected to break out soon.

Watch our latest videos to find out what’s trending in the building industry PLUS discover our top tips for Designing + Building the custom home of your dreams.

Stages of Building

There’s a lot more to the building process than first meets the eye; especially when it comes to building custom homes. Generally speaking there are 5 stages involved in building a home:  

1. Base Stage
2. Framing Stage
3. Lock-Up Stage
4. Fixing Stage
5. Completion Stage

Part of our mission as New Generation Builders is to demystify the building process, making sure our clients fully understand what’s happening with their project at every step along the way.

Watch our videos on the stages of building to learn more.


Our Clients

At RODA, we take the time to meet with our clients personally to understand your project in detail. We discuss your options and ideal outcomes to ensure we’re collaborating on your dream home from the very first meeting.

Each of our projects is approached with the same level of professionalism and commitment to quality. While we think RODA is pretty great, we know you probably want to hear from the people who have worked with us too!

Watch out latest testimonial videos now to discover what it’s like to build with RODA.


Step behind the brand and find out more about RODA! We’re a new generation of builders who are passionate about our business and 100% dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ visions.

Over the years, we have assembled a team of highly skilled tradespeople and partners, who take pride in their work and embrace new technologies to help make our processes more efficient, streamlined and user-friendly. We deliver on time, on budget and just as you imagined – that’s the RODA guarantee.

Discover more about RODA in our latest brand videos.

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