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The exposed brick trend has taken new homes by storm in recent years. If you aren’t familiar with it, this new trend takes on the mission of brown bricks from the ‘70s, with an array of textures, colours and styles bringing the humble brick to life. So, we sat down with our client liaison officer Stephanie De Oliveira to hear all about it.

How long has the exposed brick trend been gaining popularity at RODA Developments?

We’ve noticed our clients showing an interest in exposed bricks over the past couple of years, and it looks like it’s received more traction now than ever. So it won’t be fizzling out anytime soon.

Has it been popular across Melbourne or are there suburbs where you see this trend more than others?

While there isn’t a hard or fast rule of where this trend is more popular, we have seen it a little more in the inner-city suburbs.

And is it always just for a façade, or have clients been incorporating exposed bricks within the home?

We’ve had a few clients incorporate exposed bricks into their homes as a feature wall, and it looks really contemporary and striking. Often it complements the exposed brick façade and creates this harmony between the inside and outside spaces.

We have an upcoming project, in fact, that champions exposed bricks, and we can’t wait to get started on it. It will be an all-white exposed brick exterior with a complementary feature wall inside. It’s definitely one to look out for.

Is it always exposed brick by itself, or are there other features that people tend to choose alongside it?

There are two features that tend to accompany the exposed bricks. Either natural timber that gives the façade a warm touch, or Colorbond metal cladding in a range of colours.

Why do you think people are choosing exposed bricks for their homes?

There are two major reasons we’re observing. Firstly, there’s essentially no maintenance or upkeep with brick. It won’t require future coats of paint or lacquer, it won’t be eroded by natural elements or termites, and if you choose a darker-coloured brick, there’s minimal colour fading. Secondly, it looks really good! It has this industrial look to it that’s really current right now, and gives a home a contemporary feel. With an abundance of choices available, you can get a really unique outcome that feels your own.

People are thinking long-term. They want their home to last and feel timeless even years down the track. And they can achieve this with the right choice of brick. Even the Colorbond metal cladding that often accompanies the exposed brick has no maintenance, and like brick, won’t erode from the elements. So, it’s the longevity and the personalisation people love about this trend.

Are there types of bricks in particular that people are choosing?

Yes, we’re seeing big, tumbled or recycled bricks that have that industrial feel. And in terms of colour schemes, darker coloured bricks and even grey coloured bricks are being chosen. The darker options go back to the low fading quality. But the grey bricks are being chosen because it goes with everything. Charcoal especially pops next to some bright green vegetation, and creates this beautiful look. We also see deep reds accompanied by dark grey cladding.

If you’d like to see how our clients’ homes have been brought to life by this trend, you can visit our portfolio to see how varied and unique each forever home has turned out. Or, if you’d like to chat about your next build, you can contact the team today to discuss your vision.

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