Dual Occupancy Builders in Heidelberg

Dual occupancy residencies are becoming increasing popular due to their cost efficiency and potential for higher returns on investment. Building a duplex property allows for a greater return on investment as you don’t have to build two separate homes on separate blocks, and you have the ability to lease out one or both of the properties, meaning a greater return than building the one home on the property. Roda Developments designs and constructs dual occupancy townhouses for people looking to build in Heidelberg. We develop stylish and comfortable duplex townhouses that are great for entering the property marketing and dramatically increasing the value of the property.


Feel free to get in touch with the team at Roda Developments to start the conversation on building your Heidelberg dual occupancy home.


Benefits of dual occupancy building

More and more people are deciding to build dual occupancy townhouses as they are great for beginning and building a property portfolio. If you want to invest in a property that will allow for a great return on investment, duplex properties are the right option for you. This is simply due to the fact that you can build two homes on the one property, as opposed to one home on the property or two separate homes on separate properties. They are cost effective to build, and because you are dealing with the same building group under the same building plan it makes it easier for council clearance and administrative issues.


Roda Developments will build stunning dual occupancy homes on your property, increasing its value and enhancing your investment portfolio.


Contact us to start the conversation


If you would like to get started with Roda Developments on the design and construction of your stunning dual occupancy property in Heidelberg, feel free to get in contact with us. We are always happy to discuss our service, and will be happy to help with any enquiries you have regarding our service.


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