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2024 is already shaping out to be an interesting year for home design, with a number of rules and regulations guiding the building sector into a sustainably conscious direction.  In this blog post, we’ll share with you the four home design trends you can expect to see this year, including clean energy, sustainability, calm living, and the comeback of genuine stone. Get ready to discover how these trends are reshaping the way we live and design our homes.

1. Going all electric

In a shift towards more sustainable, future-forward living, we’re expecting to see more homeowners embracing all-electric homes in 2024. As of this month, Victorian planning permits for residential subdivisions must be exclusively electricity, signalling a transformative change in residential development. Despite homeowners building forever homes still having the option to connect to gas, we’re still seeing many opting for the all-electric route. This shift can be boiled down to growing awareness of environmental impact and a desire to adopt cleaner energy alternatives.

2. A focus on sustainability

Each year, we’re seeing more and more clients considering sustainability during the build of their forever homes and investment products. While the focus has mainly been on sustainable building materials, such as engineered or reclaimed timber, recycled steel and energy-efficient insulation, we’re expecting to see this focus broaden in 2024. Alongside opting for sustainable materials, we’re seeing an interest in resilient design as an adaptive way to future proof the home against climate change, as well as circular design to minimise household waste long after the building phase.

3. A return to authentic stone

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom benchtops, nothing beats the look of stone. From granite to marble and even quartz, stone benchtops add a sleek, crisp look to family homes. Since the ‘90s, engineered stone entered the market as a cost-effective alternative to authentic stone, allowing custom homeowners to achieve the aesthetic they were aiming while working with a tighter budget.

However, in July of this year, Australia will be the first country to ban engineered stone due to the fatal health implications the material has on workers during the manufacturing process. So, it’s no surprise that we’re already seeing new homeowners choosing authentic stone options for their forever homes in light of the soon-approaching ban.

4. Wellness inspired spaces

Lastly, we believe 2024 will bring with it wellness inspired spaces. If you’ve visited a wellness hub recently, you’ll have noticed they seamlessly curate a space that feels calm, effortless and deeply soothing. From soft lighting and gentle acoustics to earthy colour tones and lush vegetation both inside and outside, these spaces create an environment that help us feel present and grounded. We’re seeing homeowners who design and build incorporating these elements into their home design by optimising the indoor-outdoor flow, creating biophilic indoor spaces, and choosing soft and calming interior design elements.

At Roda Developments, our focus is on crafting forever homes and investment properties that stand the test of time. From sustainable considerations to your own personal tastes, we’re here to work together and craft impeccable results. Ready to push play on your vision? Contact our friendly team today to get started with Roda.

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