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Display homes are an ideal way for you to move beyond imagination, into the day-to-day reality of your dream home.

It’s also a chance for us builders to showcase our passion, commitment and quality workmanship before you decide to engage us. At RODA, we love celebrating the culmination of our complete custom-building service from design through to construction.

A successful display home visit encourages questions and conversation, helping clarify your overall vision. A fruitful show home experience will ideally inspire you to move on to the next stage of building your dream home.

Here are some ways to make the most of your display home visit:

Quality, and reality

Display homes offer the chance to enjoy a potential build first-hand.  A viewing appointment for the RODA show home is a chance to inspect in detail the level of workmanship you can expect from us—up close, in real time.

Savour the experience

Clear a window in your schedule for the visit. The first impression should be one of quality craftsmanship and excellent materials. Explore every finish, surface, fixture, and fitting. Examine technique, and evaluate quality.

See the opportunities

Approach your display home visit with an open mind. At RODA we celebrate innovation, and excel at customising your home. Our in-house design team can help integrate stylish elements into your unique vision of your dream build.

Understand your space

Display homes are an effective way to evaluate comfort levels. Plans translate differently when filled with interior elements. Know that unfurnished new builds risk creating a deceptive impression of available living space.

Consider functionality

Visiting a display home could save you money in the long run. Details that seem unimportant in the present, may fuel a desire for renovation down the track. Adding that extra bathroom now could mean avoiding regrets later.

Know what you need

Visiting a display home is a chance to check out the layout and features that will best complement your daily living routine. A new home should successfully address present and future living needs of you and your loved ones.

Evaluate your builder

Honest communication and trust are integral to establishing rapport. A builder with integrity has a great reputation, wonderful reviews, and a fantastic portfolio. You should feel comfortable asking all your questions.

Understand the fine print

Be aware display homes may include aspects of design not included in a standard new build. Have the builder verify specifications, and the cost of available upgrades for a clear, concise picture of final expenditure.

Prioritise finance

A reputable builder is upfront about relevant fees, additional costs, and realistic outlay. As Design + Build specialists with a client-focused service, we thrive on meeting bespoke specifications while respecting your budget.

Know the process

A new home journey should be presented as streamlined and transparent, preferably with a single point of contact. RODA‘s harmonious process delivers a stress-free build, featuring an online client portal for progress check ins.

Be Inspired by RODA

Being New Generation Builders means we stake everything on maintaining our standout reputation. Every home matters. We pride ourselves on offering expert advice, personalised client services, and incredible outcomes.

Over a decade of stunning results has made us Melbourne’s leading custom home builder, culminating in our beautifully crafted show home. Yet to visit RODA’s breath-taking Step House in Bulleen? Make an appointment today.

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