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If you’re currently considering building your new home or development, you may be closely following recent trends in the building and construction industry. With all that’s been in the media – supply shortages with materials and labour, interest rate rises, and increased construction demand – the decision to proceed your build in 2023 may be on hold.


And if you are in the midst of building, no doubt you’ll have experienced delays in your project.


There’s no doubt that building projects in Australia are now taking more time to complete and are becoming more expensive compared with a few years ago. A number of factors have contributed to this including the supply of materials, as well as the cost of labour.


Material Shortages


With regards to materials, in Australia, local timber supplies are down due to the 2019 bushfires. Add in the increased demand for imported electrical and plumbing components, this creates a ‘perfect storm’ of supply chain gaps.


Plus, there are issues with the availability of trades due to government infrastructure projects and public works.


Pricing Has Stabilised


However, in all of this, thankfully there is some good news! Prices for materials and labour have stabilised, meaning the building industry can better plan timelines and budgets, and that means you can plan your own build with more confidence.


At times like the present, it’s important to discuss timelines and budget with your builder throughout your entire project because a good builder will plan ahead to mitigate delays wherever possible.


Common Delays


When it comes to ordering materials and fittings, particularly any imported components such as bathroom fittings and any marble benchtops, you will need to make firm decisions and avoid changes. By working with a full-service builder, you will have access to a selections studio where an expert designer will help you navigate the choice of materials to choose for your new home. All orders will need to be actioned well in advance and your builder will proactively manage delivery schedules to ensure the steady progression of your build.



When it comes to delivery timelines for materials, these impact your budget. This is due to any potential delays and the knock-on effect of our trade base being unable to complete their work, adding to the project timeline.


A good builder works with reliable and professional trades, managing your expectations for progress. Your builder will let your project team know in advance when they are expected to be working on site at your home building project.


Budget Implications


Budget management from the very beginning is important because it allows you to select quality and affordable materials that will create exactly what you envisage for your home. Collaboration with your builder is key, and they will be able to advise the combination of design and materials that will create your dream project while still being cost effective.


At RODA, we have a team of experts who work directly with you to understand your needs, vision, budget, and timeline for your dream building project. Our team then proactively manage to deliver what you need and want, on time and on budget.


If you’re ready to start your building project, let’s begin the conversation today. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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