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At RODA, we understand that the pre-construction phase can be one of the most stressful parts of planning your next project. This is where Little Fish Properties come in. They’re an esteemed Melbourne-based full-service residential property developer – taking care of all the pre-building preparation so that you can enjoy a seamless building experience.

Recently, we sat down with the team at Little Fish Properties to discuss all things building, including their top insights about the pre-construction process. Continue reading to learn more about the behind the scenes of property development and management.

RODA: Can you share a brief overview of what you do?

Little Fish Properties: We specialise in client-side project management, with a key focus on residential townhouse development projects. From project consultations that can help you maximise the value of your property to bespoke end-to-end building management, our all-in service takes care of every little detail for you – including site preparation, liaising with suppliers, and all of the paperwork.

RODA: How can you help clients better manage their developments?

Little Fish Properties: With over two decades of experience in the property market, we know that clients don’t always have the time, resources or confidence to undertake a property development project on their own.

We are dedicated to building first class homes through our timely, cost-effective approach that’s backed by our buying power and industry connections in the property market. Clients can tap into our network of providers and suppliers and achieve a wholesale price, minus any unnecessary stress. We can remove the risk and set accurate expectations for your timeline and budget needs.

RODA: How do you choose which builders to work with?

Little Fish Properties: We focus on working with builders that are not only highly skilled in their work, but more importantly demonstrate strong personal character. We believe it’s critical to work with the best in the business, so we make sure to factor in plenty of time to build and nurture these relationships.

By working with trusted builders to provide a transparent service, this allows us to empower our clients to enjoy the process as it unfolds. Working in a close-knit team, we are able to deliver personal attention and support through every step of the way.

RODA: You define your approach as ‘client-centric’ – what does this mean to you?

Little Fish Properties: The client comes first. When we begin a new project, we take into account the specific needs, budget and expectations of our clients, and operate with these factors at the forefront of our minds. We understand that they’re investing their personal time and money into these projects, so it’s our mission to ensure every client feels confident and at ease throughout every step of their build.

How do you manage client expectations through a complex pre-build process?

Little Fish Properties: At the core of our approach, we keep it simple and lead with honesty and consistent communication. Rather than just telling our clients what they can expect, we prefer to show them what to anticipate through transparent updates and proven results. We don’t believe in filtering the good, bad or the ugly, and we maintain an open line of contact throughout the process.

We’re also very conscious of who we partner with. Through careful consideration and a detailed selection process, we create an environment that is strengthened by quality people in every aspect of each project.

What does a successful project outcome look like to you?

Little Fish Properties: For us, success takes the form of a satisfied client with a positive customer journey and building experience. Whilst we’re experts in the property market, it can be out of our control if a client is developing a for-profit project. To counteract this, we make sure that each client feels informed and up-to-date in every stage of their project.


If you’re interested in learning more about the pre-build process or want to discuss your next property development, get in touch with RODA or Little Fish today.

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