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Five stages of building a house

Deciding to design and build your dream home is a time of excitement as you watch the property start to take shape – on paper anyway!

Then it’s time to physically start the project, which will result in your property dream soon becoming a reality.

Before then, though, there are typically five stages of building a house that must be completed to get to the day when your vision turns into your home.

1. Base Stage

The first stage is when the site is prepared for the slab to be laid.

If your site has an existing property on it, then it’s the time when it will be demolished to make way for your dream home.

During the base stage, temporary fencing will be erected around the site to ensure it meets all relevant health and safety regulations.

Debris will also be removed from the site, which will then be levelled so the foundation slab can be poured.

This is the time when underground utilities like water and sewerage access are also laid.

2. Framing Stage

The second stage is framing which is when the skeleton of your property is constructed, according to the agreed design specifications.

If you’re building a single-storey home, wall frames and roof trusses will be erected, plus the windows will be installed as well.

For multi-level homes, the steel beams and subfloor will be installed at the same time as the walls frames on the ground floor.

Once the framing stage is complete, an independent building surveyor will assess the project to provide approval for it to go to the next stage, which is lock-up.

At this stage, though, it’s also a good idea to have a walk-through so you can see your dream home take physical shape.

3. Lock-Up Stage

The lock-up stage is the time when all the magic happens – inside and out.

This stage is when a variety of trades are on-site to work on the interior and exterior of the property.

On the outside, the external cladding is installed, while fascia boards and gutters are added before the roof is installed.

On the inside, plumbers and electricians are roughing in for plumbing and electrical points, before the plasters hung.

It’s during this stage that your exterior painting is also completed to highlight the uniqueness of your home.

4. Fixing Stage

During the fixing stage is when your fixtures and fittings will be installed such as taps, baths, toilets as well as the fit-out of all rooms, including cupboards, stairs, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

The wet areas will also be waterproofed before tiling, the flooring will be laid, and the internal walls will be painted.

The fourth stage is really the time when your project starts to shine with your individuality showing through your selection of fixtures, fittings and colour schemes.

Of course, all trades work together to ensure that everything is completed in the correct order so that the home can reach the final stage.

5. Completion Stage

The completion stage is the one that everyone dreams about!

The fifth and final stage is when all of your hard work comes to fruition – but before then there are a few final bits and pieces that need to be done.

It is during this fifth stage that the plumber finalises the fit-out, the glazier installs shower screens and mirrors, the electrician installs light switches and power points, and the carpenter fits handles and doors as well as any other final interior touches.

Finally, the floors are sanded and carpet is laid in the bedrooms, while on the outside, the driveaway is laid before landscaping, including laying the grass and planting trees and foliage.

Then it is time for the home to be formally handed over to you once settlement is complete.

You’ve no doubt worked hard to get to the point that you can construct your dream home, plus you’ve had the patience and persistence throughout the five home building stages to get to the finish line.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and admire what was only months ago little more than an idea.

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