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For some of us, decorating and furnishing your home can be quite a challenge. With so many choices available, it can be hard to narrow down to what we want and what we need, which is why RODA Developments want to help you customise your home!

Our expert on-site consultants will guide you on the perfect solutions for your home or development, exploring a range of products and materials designed to complement your property and lifestyle.

And when you visit the RODA Style Studio, you’ll see how your selection process becomes a breeze, with a comprehensive collection of the best tiles, benchtops, colour palette ideas, and decor on the market.

So now that you know how you can simplify your selections phase with us, here are some recent interior design trends you might like to know about.

Nature in the home

A continuation of last year’s theme: personal sanctuaries are a big thing lately – think natural light, greenery, and fresh air. You’ll see indoor and outdoor spaces merging more and more – and in fresh and delightful ways.

Clever placement of skylights and windows allow orientation towards light, keeping homes cool in summer and light in winter. And internal courtyards allow the outside to filter inside the home.

Personal style

Our personalities are also a major consideration this year, as our home’s begin to better reflect our individuality.

Expect to see culture and lineage play a big part in our home selections, with the way we live playing a part in how we best use floor plans. From family homes with separate zoning to clever downsizing with retractable walls to create open and closed spaces, designing homes will be based on our lifestyle.

Vacations, enrichment, and leisure are also inspiring interior designers, as our homes become uplifting, warm and inviting. Places to retreat and relax will feature, as well as multi-purpose zones for flexible entertaining and spending quality time with loved ones

Vintage and contemporary plays

Older time periods are informing our interior spaces. Recycled and reclaimed retro materials are making a comeback, as we begin to make use of what we have available to us.

Mix and match individual textures for the best result, as we’re less precious about uniformity and symmetry this year. So don’t be afraid to combine eras, design styles and colours to add character to your space.

Texture and tactile elements

Textural, tactile tiles will be a huge trend over the coming year.

The unpolished, homespun look is perfect for a natural aesthetic. Walls can become an integral part of the design, and become a work of art in and of themselves. Panelling, plaster details, trimmings and moulding can make a huge difference.

Don’t shy away from depth and layers, as well as sculptural surfaces, all of which will add desirable contrasts to your home. Be bold and experiment with shapes, as well as angular and textured surfaces and walls. Leather, timber, velvet, wallpaper and fabrics – all these materials have a place in your living room.

Natural tones

Natural tones are in. Especially in the bedding department, where linen rule’s supreme. Rust, caramel, brown, terracotta and off-white are great options. Basically, anything earthy that can induce a sense of calm.

The emergence of marble and stone in the kitchen also speaks to the prominence of earthy vibes.

A touch of luxury

The far more casual mid-century modern style is being supplemented with hints of the neoclassical period. Gold, silver and iron accents are great; anything that imbues an air or elegance and sophistication into the home. Tapware and door furniture play a huge part, transforming bathrooms into luxe havens for glamorous relaxation and kitchens into entertainment heaven.

Decadent splashbacks with copper and marble finishes add to the sophisticated vibe and take your space to a level of true decadence.

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