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Designing your dream home can be one of the most satisfying and exciting experiences in many people’s lives.

They’ve probably worked hard for years to get to the financial point where they can finally build the perfect home for their family.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the design of the dream home becomes their sole focus and when it comes time to appoint a builder, they realise they haven’t given that much thought at all.

Worse still, they haven’t allocated enough funds in their budget for a professional builder to see their project through to fruition and they opt for a cut-price version.

Of course, that rarely ends well, and that dream can soon become something that keeps them up at night instead.

But it doesn’t have to be that way because architects and builders actually quite like working together on projects from the outset.

In fact, architects often have their preferred builders and vice versa, which means they have many successful projects under their combined belts.

The power of two

We regularly work with architects from the start of projects which allows us to understand the details inside and out.

Not only does this “two heads are better than one” strategy create a more seamless design and build process, it can help prevent budget blowouts.

Understanding the scope of the project from the start means that the builder can provide a realistic appraisal on the costs of bringing your architectural vision to life.

A common mistake for home builders can be not understanding whether their vision aligns with the realistic cost or timeframe of the project.

However, by working with an architect and building team, they will always ensure that their client’s expectations are understood and managed as part of the design and build process.

Sometimes, second-rate builders might even attempt to change the plans because of your budgetary considerations and pretty soon your vision doesn’t look anything like the original design.

If that happens, the architect will probably not be there to help much either because the new design differs significantly from what was first supplied.

Like many other services, working with an architect and building team that has runs on the board provides peace of mind that you’ve engaged professionals.

They’ll have a portfolio of projects to show you and can explain the collaborative process they followed to create their client’s dream homes.

Communication is key

Build projects can easily become derailed when communication breaks down between the key players of a project.

Invariably, issues will arise – and they could well fall beyond the responsibility of any party.

For example, an oversized boulder is suddenly throwing foundation work into disarray or planning approvals requiring height relaxations are getting disparaging feedback from the neighbours.

It’s during these times that the ability of a builder, architect and client to communicate effectively cannot be underestimated.

When builders and architects work together, particularly over a period of years, they quickly learn each other’s strengths and abilities to tackle difficulties.

Best of all, experience teaches them that it’s best to work in tandem to achieve a common goal – a home that fulfils the client’s requirements within an acceptable budget and timeframe.

When seeking a builder and architect, ensure they’re keen to form a dream team, certain to help you achieve a great outcome on your new home.

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