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The RODA Style Studio is an extensive display of RODA’s impressive custom elements. It’s here you can get a sense of our bespoke range of materials and products, and delve into our toolbox. Working together with our knowledgeable Style Studio expert, Steph, you’ll be able to lay out your vision in vivid detail.

We aim to encourage you to think about what you want in your future home. Communication is key to obtaining the best results for each client and building trusting relationships, and we’ll start by learning about your likes and dislikes, advising you on the best approach forward, and how to bring your vision to life.

At RODA, we want to inspire clients to articulate what they need and want they want and choose the combination of materials, fixtures and fittings to make this come true. We walk you through all​​ the elements to consider for your new home or development. No detail is too small – whether it’s texture, patterns or colours, these visual qualities all contribute to making an architectural project feel like home.

The next step is getting to know a bit about you and what you value in terms of interior and exterior design. While some clients swear by matte black tapware, others adhere to a sleek, chrome look; and it’s this understanding that each client is unique that sets us apart.

One aspect of the build that deserves specific attention is the finishes. It’s these touches that pull together a home and play an essential role in bringing a space to life. And because these areas are where you’ll be spending your time and creating a life for yourself (or your tenants) we want to allow you to get as close as possible to the home you imagine.

There’s a whole range of styles and complementary products to consider, depending on your taste and lifestyle, and we have the best quality offerings on the market to suit any aesthetic and budget.

Our guiding principles are quality, excellence, and innovation, and our client-focused approach means we’ll involve you at every stage of the process. Steph is an expert when it comes to all things style, and she can help you achieve the picture-perfect finish. Whether it’s a Hamptons Style home on your vision board, or you’re more into modern, minimalistic design, we have an exceptional range of interior design features to enhance your living space exactly as you see fit!

Function and form are both crucial to your home’s curation and work hand in hand. Not only does Steph have an incredible eye for design and housing trends, but she can guide you on the practical concerns around designing your home. With her unparalleled expertise, she’ll inform you on the longevity of each product, as well as how they will suit with the other interior elements you’ve chosen.

As transparency and honesty are integral to our mission, we don’t want to leave any tile unturned, and we’re here to make sure your home is built to last. With Steph’s abundance of knowledge, and RODA’s extensive collection of materials and decorative finishings, you’ll be well on your way to completing your build; attaining your dream home, and a space that can continue to inspire for years to come.

Contact us to make a booking with Steph in the RODA Style Studio today.

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